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The process begins each spring when the alpacas are sheared. Each April and May, I seek out friends’ farms here in Northeast Ohio who are raising the better grade of fiber. “Baby Grade” is “Grade 1, Ultra-Fine - less than 20 microns”. Next, the fleeces are skirted, sorted, and tumbled in my drive-way. Much of the fiber is sent to a family owned mill near Pittsburgh to be washed, carded and spun. I like to describe everything that is concerned animals in my narrative essays online

Yarn is processed into 8-10# batches. No two batches are ever the same! Fiber is then hand dyed here in Chagrin Falls (in my garage which has NOT seen a car in many years). I create color “recipes” known as colorways. 

Your creations can carry some very special “Magic”.

Hand Painted 

Alpaca Yarn

At the Studio, we specialize in locally raised, hand dyed baby alpaca yarn.  Each skein is carefully hand dyed at my home in Chagrin Falls.  Using only “Baby Alpaca” I can  create very luxurious, soft yarn when it is next to your skin.  These exquisite yarns are available for you to purchase at the Studio. 

Bring your pattern for exact yardage.

Patterns are available for free with purchase.

Hand Dyed silk gauze and sari silk are available at the Studio, to purchase for your nuno felts.  These difficult to find silks are what we use at the studio to create our award winning wearable art pieces. Until you know what you are buying, it is very difficult to purchase the correct silks over the internet.  We sell our working inventory. That means you can purchase the same amazing silks for your work, at affordable prices.


Alpaca, Sheep and often Goat fiber is used to make each bundle.  Yarn skeins of Alpaca, Wool, and Mohair are color co-ordinate and often dyed together establishing a color direction.  Don't hesitate to add fiber from your stash to make fanciful wearables for yourself or a gift.

You can “create” your handmade, unique piece with a variety of texture and color…’s like painting with yarn.

Let your next project begin with magic!

Nuno Felt Supplies
When coming to a class, we have the supplies you forgot, cannot find, or would like to have ready when you arrive.  Bubble wrap, painters plastic, felting needles, ties, pool noodles, etc. are all availible for you at reasonable prices.


-Natural Color batts, roving and yarn from the "girls".  This is the true definition of sustainable products.  There are wonderful natural colors to blend with my hand dyed alpaca as your accent.  This year many colorways include those natural alpaca colors to pull together your project.  



The Team
The Studio is successful because of its team of friendship, creativity, and hard work.
Thank you!
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