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Felting Classes

Come to the Studio on Saturdays, to play.   

You will learn a felting technique, explore color, and enjoy a homemade lunch on a Saturday.


The Alpaca Fiber Studio has the largest offering of felting classes, for all different skill levels, in Northeast Ohio.  Start with one of the beginning classes and describe it in essay afterwards.  You are encouraged to make mistakes, and see what you can make intuitively.  What we really teach, is the opportunity for you to find your creative self and express it.  

Bring a friend, relative, or come make new friends!


Come ignite your creative spirit!

Shake up your creative self for spring.  

Before the good spring/summer weather comes, join us for a class!

This spring, make a conscious effort to open those creative avenues within yourself.  
Declutter your mind.  
Reduce stress.  
Enjoy retirement. 
Learn something new about yourself.
Find Inspiration. 
We don't have "to do" lists on Saturday at the Studio.  
We look to explore creativity.  
Leave your problems at the front door, come inside and play with us..

Have fun.

Take a felting class.

Come play with us.



2016 Early Spring Class Schedule

Nuno Felt Scarf - Beginner Class

May 14 Saturday 10:30-1:30 

You will learn the basic mechanics of how to Nuno Felt by first needle felting your design into place.  Then you will learn how to wet felt.  

Fiber and hand dyed silk included.

Lunch included.

Supplies you will want to bring: 

plastic .7 mill (12x90), 

bubble wrap 12x90, 

pool noodle 12”, 

2 panty hose legs, 

2 old Bath Towels, 

Felting Needle (available for sale at Studio), 

Sketchbook, Pencil, Sharp Scissors.

If you cannot find all your supplies...

1)  For an extra $15 you can save time. I can sell you the complete supply kit.


2)  If you cannot find an item or two, I have them available for sale the day of class.  …Painters plastic $1, Bubble wrap $6, felting needle $3,  Old towel, $1 per tie, pool noodle/pipe cover $3.

Let me know in advance if I need to prepare something for you.

Remember to arrive a little early.

 Level: Beginner

Cost: $25

Nuno Shawl   

June 18 Saturday 10:30-1:30 

You will make a "tropical felt"....a fine, light, fiber and silk felt designed for use in the tropics and warmer climates. It is lovely as a wrap over your shoulders in the summertime when coming into Chagrin Falls for ice cream!   Come learn to work on larger pieces, finished size is approximately 30x70. Wear comfortable shoes.   This is good for beginners.

Fiber and hand dyed silk included.

Lunch included.

Supplies to bring:

2 plastic, .7 Mil, 48x90

pool noodle 45inches

4 panty hose legs

old cotton sheet/tablecloth 45x90

2 old towels

sketchbook, pencil, sharp sissors

In this class, I will supply the 45x90 matt for you to use.

Level: Easy

Cost: $55 

Don’t forget about Private Classes.

If you are looking  to get a group of friends together for a Birthday, Monthly Girls Get-together?  Don’t hesitate to schedule a private class at the Studio in Chagrin Falls.  

For and small fee, I can include all supplies to be used for class so you don’t need to bring anything except your imagination.  Minimum 8 people. 




Workshop/Class Notations….


Workshops need to be paid in advance to secure your spot.  This is done when you register. 


Registration  To register for a class, please email me at [email protected] 

I will be happy to let you know if space is available.  

Don't hesitate to ask to be put onto a waiting list for any of the "full" classes.  Often I open new classes if I know there is enough interest. 

Registration is not done on-line. 

Supplies.  I ask you to bring a few supplies to work with, to help lower he cost of the class.  If you can't find supplies, not to worry.  I have them available for sale the day of class.  Foam cushion $6, Felting needle $3, Pool noodle $4, cut noodle $2.  Re-purposed bubble wrap and re-purposed plastic depends on the size of you project ($6-$15).

Come early to get set up and select your kit.  We start on time so we can attempt to end on time.

Cut your plastic and bubble wrap to size, at home.  It is a real time saver!

Cancellations 7 days in advance, I am happy to reschedule you to another class.  Kits are hand dyed, packaged, and tables set up 6-7 days in advance.  Cancellations that need to be made within 5 days, you are welcome to stop in and pick up your kit, but no class refund.  Thank you for your understanding.

Lunch is typically served with each class.   It is homemade by husband Rob.  Please don’t hesitate to compliment him.  Men need that, you know!

Out of town guests might find comfortable lodging at The Inn of Chagrin Falls, 87 W Orange Street, Chagrin Falls, Oh  44022, ask for Beth Skeel.  It is next door to Gameskeepers & Lemon Falls, both yummy restaurants.  Just down the street is Starbucks, and 1/2 mile to Alpaca Fiber Studio.  

Chagrin Falls is a quaint village with a New England flair. 

Come play with me!


Alpaca Fiber Studio & Friends