Wearable Art

Art Alpaca Fiber Studio & Friends creates wearable art pieces by hand dyeing locally raised fibers. Each piece is designed, hand dyed, then hand felted creating these one of a kind treasures. “Nuno Felt” is a contemporary approach developed in 1992 by Polly Sterling. It has become a much sought after wearable art form quickly growing in popularity. The challenge for me, is to be open to the creative energy. The dynamics between what the fiber wants to become, and what I want to make! Listen. Through creative experimentation and allowing myself to make mistakes. What fiber art ignites your creative self?

Nuno Felt

Nuno Felt is a light weight wool and silk artisian made fabric. Here in Northeast Ohio you will find many of Alpaca Fiber Studio, award winning designs, worn by many textile art enthusiasts. Lana Grigorova has skillfully made her wearable art piece in one of our many creative classes.

Eco Print meets Nuno Felt

This new, sophisticated natural dyeing process is called Eco Printing. It is the art of contact printing nature onto my Nuno Felt designs. Leaves, seed pods, and flowers are used from my yard to give up their wonderful shapes and color onto these wearable art creations.

Eco Print

The colors of the earth are represented in our repurposed designer silk blouses and cashmere sweaters. Rainwater, leaves from my yard, berries, seeds, roots, and bark are used to print onto these garments. Often we further add complexity to the designs by overdyeing in an Indigo bath.

Snow dyeing

We love to dyed our Snow Dyed silk scarves and silk 4 way ponchos with unusual methods! Dyes are designed to give even colors when applied at room temperature. Chilling the dyeby mixing them with snow causes some dyes to separate into their component colors. This winter fun makes the dyes strike the silk fabric at different rates. This process is unpredictable and always beautiful!


Our handcrafted jewelry always takes is unusual direction in fiber. We combine bits of felt with sari, found objects, thrift shop finds, sterling, copper, brass bullet shells, torches,and a great deal of imagination! If you are looking for a neckpiece, earrings or bracelet, you will find a handcrafted bobble at the Alpaca Fiber Studio in Chagrin Falls.

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